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Seraphim Angels Collectibles

Seraphim AngelsA Seraphim Classics® angel is the perfect way to express your love for someone special in your life.

Each angel has a different theme, and a phrase representing the theme is used to name the particular piece.

Seraphim Angel 8.25" Angels With Baby Jesus #70996
Seraphim Angel 5.5" Gloria Heavenly Adoration #71482
Seraphim Angel Classics Winona Noble Companion #78903
Seraphim Classics 2pc Set Holy Family #78909
Seraphim Angel 6" Alicia Easter Delight #78681
7" Calista Faithful Guardian #78600
8.5" Erica Hopeful Spirit Figure #78218
Seraphim Angel Classics Adele A Mother'S Heart #71066
Regular price: $59.50
Sale Price: $54.95
Seraphim Angel 8" Ella Peaceful Dreams #70992
Seraphim Angel 7" Ingrid Heavenly Host #71188
Seraphim Angel Liberty - God Bless America #70762
Seraphim Angel 6.5 Rose Memorial Angel #72176
Seraphim Angel Celina Little Miracles 8 inch #72172
Seraphim Angel Ruth Holding an Open Scroll #71387
Seraphim Angel Daphne Playing with Puppy #71345
Seraphim Angel Classics Belinda Gift Of Friendship #71067
Seraphim Angel 8" Kyra Express Yourself Angel #78887
Seraphim Angel Classics 7" Angel Holding Birdhouse
Seraphim Angel Classics Wendy Grateful Heart #71165
Seraphim Angel Classics Monthly Seraphim Angel Set of 12
Seraphim Classics Angel Ornament Gina #78885
Seraphim Angels To Watch Over Me Fifth Year Boy #78096
Seraphim Angel 7.5" Heather Wedding Angel #72178
Seraphim Angel 6" Angel Sleeping On A Cloud #71348
Seraphim Angel 7.75" Isabel Confirmation Angel #72177
Seraphim Angel 8" Sophia 1st Communion Figure #72174
Seraphim Angel 7.5" Hannah Baptism Angel #72173
Seraphim Angel 12" Julianna Beautiful Spirit #78881
Seraphim Angel 8.25" Fiona Joyful Moments #78889
Seraphim Angel 6" Charlene Graceful Giver Feeding Birds #71347
Seraphim Angel Classics 6" Bountiful Blessings #71344
Seraphim Angel 8" Hope Angel Figure #71800
Seraphim Angel Classic One Fine Day Angels In Boat #71311
Seraphim Angel 9.5" Angelie Heavenly Protector #71445
Regular price: $89.95
Sale Price: $79.95
Seraphim Angel 6.5" Gretchen Mothers Embrace #78892
Seraphim Angel 6.3"Communion Girl with Angel #81804
Seraphim Angel 7" Tori Nature's Companion #71069
Seraphim Angel 6.5" Angel Figure #78908
Seraphim Angel 6" Awaiting A Miracle Pregnant Mother #78829
Seraphim Classics Ivy Carefree Holding Balloons #78884
Seraphim Angel Musical Waterglobe Spring #47502A
Seraphim Angel Musical Waterglobe Summer #47502B
Seraphim Classics Musical Waterglobe Fall #47502C
Seraphim Angel 15"Angels On Bridge Heavenly #78913

Angels are a beautiful representation of God’s love, as well as an important symbol during the Christmas season. The Seraphim Classics® Angels collection provides gorgeous figurines that show angels in different poses, and reflect beauty and elegance. The collection began in 1994, and has grown in popularity, with an official collector’s club that started in 1998.

The very first angel in the collection was named Alyssa. In 1995, Seraphim Classics® Angels began producing the sculptures in limited editions, and added some ornaments and smaller four-inch figurines. In order to tell which year the figurines were in production, a symbol is embossed on the bottom to signify the year in which it was made. Some of the symbols used are a dove, a harp, and butterfly, and many others.

The Seraphim Classics® Angels are lovingly sculpted and designed with a very high attention to detail. Most of the figurines are painted in soft pastel colors, to represent the gentle nature of angels. Seraphim Classics® Angels are very delicate in nature, and often have large, ornately detailed wings. Sometimes the angels are made with children, who are often caressed in their arms. These beautiful works of art are an excellent addition to any angel collector’s display, and make wonderful gifts.